Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing Kites – Will the 2011 Ozone C4 Be Better Than the 2010

Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing Kites - Will the 2011 Ozone C4 Be Better Than the 2010

Ozone has been building wings since before kiteboarding existed. So it goes to reason that they know what they are doing. However, 2010 was a true breakout year for the company’s water kites. After many years producing great water kites, they decided to change thing up a bit and released three new kite designs. The Zephyr, Catalyst and the C4 hit the market and were an instant hit. The factory was behind in production all year forcing many people to wait to get their hands on new kites.

The top of the line is the C4 which can be described as a new school c-kite. The C4 offers new school steering line relaunch that is super easy for anyone in the market for this type of a kite. Although not a niche beginner kite it would be fine for many beginners and intermediate riders that expect to advance quickly. With a simple bridle on the leading edge, the kite has far better depower and range than a classic c-kite.

I have two friends rocking the 2010 C4, in addition to myself. South Padre local kiteboarding hotshot Jordan Leech says “it is the best kite I have ever flown.” The kite unhooks well without the problem of back stalling that many kites have. Local kite technician Monte Cantu raves, “…upwind-ability, handling of gusts and overall performance – all A+”.

The 2010 Ozone control bars are the perfect match for the kites. The bar features a below-the-bar one line safety, extra heavy centerlines, a cleated trim system, spinner on top of the chicken loop and a simple chicken loop release. This is one of the best bars on the market.

The bar was set high this year and with only weeks left until the 2011 Ozone kites hit the market the big question is not…Will the 2011 C4 be better than 2010, but rather can it possibly be better?


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